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  • Top Academic Scholars Appreciate ISKCON in New Short Film
  • Youth Ditch Cellphones For Spiritual Summer Camp in Brazilian Rainforest
  • Paramahamster - iSamradaya
  • An Audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace
  • West Bengal’s Chief Minister Visits ISKCON, Mayapur
Recent News
  • India Kirtan Adventure Steeps Participants in Bhakti Culture
  • By: Madhava Smullen on Feb. 16, 2018

    The group comprised of twenty-six aspiring devotees and newcomers to Krishna consciousness from the U.S. and Australia. It included yoga studio owners, teachers, artists and even a state coroner ...

  • Florida Hare Krishna School Gives Lessons in Service
  • By: Livi Stanford on Feb. 16, 2018

    The art projects were distinct from most others. Students at Bhaktivedanta Academy of Alachua, FL, USA, had to use pieces of trash to create artwork weighing less than 50 pounds.

  • GBC College 2018 Graduation Ceremony – ILS, Mayapur
  • By: Vrsabhanu das (PSDG), Director of Community Relations – GBC College on Feb. 16, 2018

    Twenty-three leaders from various locations in Africa, Bangladesh, China, India, Italy, Russia and Singapore, received their GBC College Graduation certificates and gifts in the presence of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur ...

  • West Bengal’s Chief Minister Visits ISKCON, Mayapur
  • By: ISKCON News Staff on Feb. 16, 2018

    ISKCON Mayapur welcomed West Bengal's Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who came for an official visit.

  • Humor: Paramahamster - Brahmin-style
  • By: Madi & Yamal on Feb. 16, 2018

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

  • Top Academic Scholars Appreciate ISKCON in New Short Film
  • By: Madhava Smullen on Feb. 15, 2018

    A short film about a recent conference at Harvard University, in which academic scholars appreciate ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada, while also encouraging devotees to self-reflect, brought an audience at the ...

  • An Audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace
  • By: Radha Mohan Das on Feb. 15, 2018

    On Wednesday 15 February, Sruti Dharma das, Temple President of Bhaktivedanta Manor (UK), joined 1,000 dignitaries from across the British Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace. 

  • Summary of the ILS 2018 Presentations
  • By: Lalitamrita Dasit on Feb. 15, 2018

    During the eight day long series a total number of 65 presentations were delivered by different ISKCON leaders, addressing current issues and also issues that the society will face in ...

    World News
  • ISKCON Helps to Protect Catholic Advertisements
  • By: Melinda Skea on Jan. 26, 2018

    After being told it could not buy advertisement space for its annual “Find the perfect gift” Christmas campaign last year, the Catholic Archdiocese ...

  • With Ancient Flora, UP Plans to Revive Govardhan Parvat
  • By: Rohan Dua | TNN on Jan. 12, 2018

    The Govardhan Hill's green cover had shrunk over the years and it ...

  • The Beatles - The Christmas Records Album Review
  • By: Terry Staunton on Jan. 5, 2018

    Yoko Ono shoehorns her way onto the last disc, interviewing John about his ...

  • The Rise of Vegan Culture
  • By: Sophia Nguyen on Dec. 25, 2017

    Distant are the days of Annie Hall, when Woody Allen resigned himself to ...

  • UNESCO Recognises India’s Kumbh Mela As ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ Of Humanity
  • By: Swarajya Staff on Dec. 8, 2017

     The UNESCO expert committee observed it was the largest peaceful congregation of pilgrims ...

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